If you want high quality lean muscle mass, vascularity, added definition and to boost fat oxidation, look no further than – Stanorox

Enhance calorie expenditure and increase metabolic rate with this powerful multi-faceted anabolic agent. Known widely as a cutting compound, Stanorox will give the shredded, razor sharp look.

Athletes in speed and power sports such as, cyclists, MMA fighters, sprinters and fighters, will benefit from the increase in raw strength, energy and speed. Using Stanorox will put you on pole position to dominate your sport for years, leaving your competitors behind.

Obtain the beach ready six-pack with Extreme Muscle Definition, or get the edge before stepping on stage to display your ultra defined rock-hard physique when competing in a bodybuilding contest. Stanorox is suited for beginners and advanced level anabolic users.

Anabolic Effects of Stanorox

• Increase Vascularity and Vasodilation
• Melt Body Fat and Harden Muscles
• Speed Recovery and Boost Energy
• Enhance Endurance and Elevate Lean Muscle Mass

 Directions For Use: This product contains 100 tablets. Take 2 tablets twice daily with 8 ounces of water. Doses should be take in the morning and 30minutes prior to physical training.

Stanorox is often cycled for maximum gains in the CUTTING CYCLE. For further anabolic effects, stack with Trenorox A and/or Testorox Mix.